Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Assignment

Our final assignment was to make a magazine cover. I also found this assignment to be quite fun. I loved choosing the photo, editing it, choosing a color scheme and fonts, and making up captions. I was quite happy with how the finished product turned out, and am quite happy with how the class went for me.

Homework 12- Masks, Continued

I love working more with masks! I think that's because masks are a tool I will need to become more and more proficient with as my use of photoshop continues. I wish that I would have had time to also use a photo of my own for this week's assignment, but the text's photo will have to do. I found this assignment to be fun.

Homework 10- Vector Surrealism

This week, we learned how to use the pen tool. I have to be honest when talking about this assignment, it was not my favorite, and the lack of effort on my part definitely had to do with my lack of interest in this. I took this photoshop class to learn more about editing portraits, which is not something which we have delved very deeply into. However, the pen tool will be useful when selecting items, and I am glad to have worked with it. I must say that this is not my most favorite assignment of the entire class, though.